Advice For A Dandelion

I found it beneath the roses and let out a small gasp. How dare a dandelion try to grow in my garden. I plucked the stem carefully imagining botanical anarchy should any seeds fall to the ground. I was on my way to the trash when I stopped and I held it up to my face. It really is beautiful I thought, and if I was more open minded, I would cultivate them for nutrition and learn to make dandelion tea and salad; Maybe serve fried dandelion flowers and dandelion donuts for exotic appetizers.

I changed direction and headed for the garage, then placed the dandelion on the shelf with the other odds and ends I didn’t know what to do with. If only it was a little more delicate and hard to grow, a little less resilient, it would no doubt be cultivated and treasured like its prized cousins the zinnia, or dahlia. But it’s human nature to disregard anything too easy, so here’s my advice for the dandelion:

Dear Dandelion,

Your love isn’t something to be tossed out into the garbage, make yourself a little less available. Make sure the gardener has to work to earn you. You aren’t something to be handed out cheaply and easily. Nothing good in life comes easy, reserve yourself for only the most ideal conditions. Make the gardener hustle a bit to see your blooms. The harder they have to work to earn you, the more they will treasure you once obtained. Any flower too readily available is easily expendable, don’t you see? There is folly in just THROWING yourself into any gardening situation. Be wise. Value your self-worth, be a little more choosey where you land.

Kindest Regards,


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