Goblin Glass

I’m thinking about goblin glass this morning. That part in the Snow Queen (the original version) where the goblin mirror shattered and bits of glass scattered in the wind, landing in the heart of one and the eye of another. When it got stuck in someone’s eye they saw the world ugly forever after. I’m pondering the glass in my own eye today.

So many of my friends here are caregivers. The ones who will wake before the sun comes up and still be on their feet long after the sun goes down cooking and cleaning, arranging flowers, setting the table “just so” making everything perfect for our families and friends. In the midst of chaos, labor and aching backs, it’s easy to lose sight of just how lucky we are to have loved ones to serve. So here’s to all of you, the ones who serve. Today especially, let us see the opportunity, not the responsibility. Let us savor our blessings like our food, one bite at a time, chewing slowly and enjoying each morsel. Happy Thanksgiving all.

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