Matching undies

Today I almost laughed out loud as I searched my dresser for matching undies and bra. Who on earth cares? That’s not MY life, just a habit. I imagine I would be a great candidate for one of those makeover shows. One of my glamorous daughters would volunteer me. I can just hear her sympathetic voiceover script perhaps against the backdrop of trees blowing in the wind, fading to an up close of weathered hands drying dishes. They might need a stunt double for this. I never dry dishes. My daughter would say, “Mom works so hard she just hasn’t had time for herself, I would love to see her get a makeover”. Then they would proceed to do something horrible to my hair and everyone would act impressed. Maybe someone would cry happy tears at the big reveal. Probably not me, but who knows. It’s a high pressure situation after all.

I’m late getting the Christmas decor out this year. It’s been a crazy month with my daughters wedding at the house last Saturday. I didn’t even have time to buy a dress for that event. Instead I pulled something out of the closet a few hours before and decided it would do.

I’m embracing the bare tree today. Maybe I’ll decorate it, maybe I won’t. Mr. Butters has the right idea.

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