I was supposed to make a wish and blow, but everyone’s eyes were on me and all I could think of was getting the obligatory office birthday ordeal over with as soon as possible. So it wasn’t until my co-worker asked me what I wished for that I realized I had forgotten. Apparently I don’t do well in high pressure wishing situations. So if I HAD made a wish it would only have been that I might better know what I ought to wish for.

I also didn’t prepare a pop tart answer ahead of time. So I mumbled something about not liking to make wishes and felt the gulf between us, grow even wider. I guess what I wanted to say, was that the annual wishing tradition seems hallow to me. If it’s worth wishing for, isn’t it worth praying for? Because it seems to me, given a choice between the two lotteries, that praying might offer better odds than wishing. So I imagine I can do that birthday candle or not, with bunches more time to choose.

Remind me to be call in sick on my birthday next year.

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